Problem with Sync btw EN Desktop -- EN Web -- EN iPad

Hi, these days I purchased the EndNote app on my ipad, but encountered a problem i cannot solve at all.

i have added some items via the ipad app with pdfs attached, it works pretty well that the items w/ pdfs are syncronized to the EN Web.  But the strange thing is that when i use Sync in the EN desktop (win), none of these items are downloaded to the local library, though the program seemed to have finished the procedure. And the more odd is that sometimes there will be an error message “Server.invalidInput”.

Anybody knows the reason or how to solve this problem? THX a lot!

Hello, djs93:

That error indicates there’s a “bad” character somewhere in one of the records it’s trying to sync. This error usually occurs with an unpatched version of EndNote X6. Can you please go to Help>About EndNote and see if it says EndNote X6 (Bld…) or EndNote X6.0.1 (Bld…)?

If it says X6, you need to update. Please click again on Help and choose EndNote Program Updates to install or download the update.

If the update does not help, or if you are already running X6.0.1, please open a ticket with Technical Support here:

I hope this helps! Have a great day.

Thank you. I am running X6.0.1 and the problem seemed to lie in the library file. I have moved the original library away, created & synced down a new one from my EN Web, now it works fine. (It’s lucky that my library isn’t too big to re-download)

The sync function might really be somewhat immature because there would actually be some strange things in daily use… Hope it will be better in further versions.

Hello, djs93:

Very glad to hear it is resolved! I apologize for the inconvenience. Please do let us know if you have any further questions or issues, and enjoy your software.