Problem with Sync

I have a problem with the sync. When I Try to sync my shared library with the web appears this message “An error occurred while trying to upload the attachment(s). Please try again.”. 

What do you suggest me to do?



Hello -

Did you ever get a response to this or get a fix? I am having the same problem and have had no responses and no help yet from customer support.

The error message is sometimes in English and sometimes in Spanish - which is very odd too.

Thank you for your help!


I have exactly the same problem with 700 refs on X7. A technician at Thomson told me to delete my references to the point that it does not pop-up. I followed his advice, but did not solve the problem or also lost a whole bunch of references. Then another technician logged into my computer (with my permission) to copy the log file and promise me he will come back with solution. Never get anything.

This is not the first time I was fooled by Thomson endnote. Last time I was forced to upgrade/buy X7 after two month using the previous version. I really sick of their customer service. All they care about is to sell more software.

I’m yet another user with this problem - any response from Thomson Reuters?

Same problem here… Any solution? If only I knew which reference is defective, I would delete this one and fix my problem.

* UPDATED based on Leanne’s suggestion

I managed to find a solution without loosing anything. Here are the steps (EndNote X8) for the benefit of others in the same situation:

  1. Create a compressed library (.enlx) (File > Compressed Library) and create it in the same folder where your current library is (.enl file and .Data folder).
  2. Close active EndNote library (File > Close Library).
  3. Backup in a safe place the corresponding .enl file and .Data folder. They could be deleted later, but just to be safe, keep them until all is solved.
  4. Go to EndNote online.
  5. From the online interface, delete all references and all groups.
  6. From the desktop interface, open the compressed library (.enlx) created before. It will uncompress all references and attachments where the former .enl file and .Data folder were.
  7. Synchronise (Tools > Sync). You might get a warning saying the library can only be synced with the original account (or something along those lines), but simply disregard it. After a few seconds (depending on your Internet connection and on the number of references you have), you should have a newly recreated library that is perfectly synchronised with your EndNote online account. It took less that a minute to resynch about 200 references and their attachments (about half of them had one or more attachments).

Hope this helps.

I would not delete the .enl file and folder - but move them to another backup location “just in case”!  

@leanne wrote:

I would not delete the .enl file and folder - but move them to another backup location “just in case”!  

Excellent advice! I should have thought about it! Better be safe than sorry.

Philippe (still new to EndNote)