Problems after adding a reference into Word


Our research department has just started using Endnote X7 and we have quite irritating problem. We have ordered 5-user license and this seems to be a general problem for all fo us. I will now write what exactly happens.

When I select the reference and insert it into Word, the citation is inserted, however no reference list at the end of the document is created and a sign “An unknown error occured” appears. When I click “Format the bibliography”, the same sign “An unknown error occured” pops out and again, no bibliography at the end is created. When I insert second citation, the same sign pops out, but after formatting, the bibliography at the end of the document appears.

Moreover, everytime when ths !An unknown error" window appears, , mouse becaomes quite inactive in the word window, but in a quite strange way. I can roll through the document using the mouse wheel, but I can not do that clicking on bars on the right or bottom. And also I can not click through the text, because the blinking mouse cursor is stucked in the text at the place where the reference is inserted. Basically, I can do nothing with the mouse in the text, but I can operate the upper tollbar- File, edit and so… and also I can switch the language for spelling. But nothing which deals exactly with the text can be done. I can use the keyboard for movement through the document, but mouse is inactive. When I close the whole document and open it again, everything is OK. But of course, I would not close and open the document after inserting each citation, would I?

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I have exactly the same problem and I tryed a lot of things but it´s still there.

Did you solve it?

Thanks in advance


There are a number of reasons why this might happen. Have you tried the solutions found in this knowledge base article?

Let us know if that does not resolve the issue.