Problems Editing Output Style + Refusing to stop formatting?!


My motherboard recently perished and I had to re-install everything. Sadly it seems my output style of many years and tweaks was not included in my backup, so I am trying to re-build it. However, there are a couple of problems I just cannot seem to work out, i.e. how to convince it that I want an Access Date with websites (which works sometimes, and sometimes not?!), and to stop adding in Pages for references which don’t have any. See the screenshots. I am sure it has something to do with the text I added in (with ') (e.g. ‘Available at’) but I don’t understand how to make that optional.

Author. |(|Year|). Title. Publication Title (Edition). |`Translated by` Translator.| Place Published|: Publisher|. `Available at:` |URL| `(Accessed:`| Access Date)|.
Author. (Year). Title|. [Reviewed Item]|. Periodical Title, Volume|(Issue)|: pp. Pages|.`Available at:` |URL| `(Accessed:`| Access Date)|.
Author. |(|Year|, Last Update Date|)|. Title. Series Title. Edition. `Available at:` |URL| `(Accessed:`| Access Date)|.

In addition, despite turning instant formatting off, Word takes circa 10-20 minutes to process any update to a citation I make (e.g. just changing the page number, or telling a reference to show in the bibliography only) (see screenshot). I have another 400 pages to edit in the next… 3 days… so you can calculate that this will not work! And I have a really good computer, so that is not the issue.

Poor thesis was already approved when my motherboard crashed. All I needed to do was edit a couple of things and re-submit : ( Help : (

Using Word 2016, Endnote X8.

Laptop has 1 TB HD, 250 GB SSD (Operating system, Word, EndNote), Core i7 and 16 GB RAM.

My thesis is c. 400 pages with c. 500 references in the bibliography.