Problems Importing Text File Endnote X7

I am having trouble importing a text file with some references I have received from a colleague.  He sent me a text file of his references he exported using Endnote, and when I try to import it into Endnote X7, it allows me to select the file, and click import, however it does nothing once I click import.  I know it should pull up an “import” progress bar, because I have successfully used it to pull in some extra PDF files that were not in my reference manager before.  I have tried several options to get this to work, and have even exported my own references and tried to reimport them, with no luck.  Does anyone know a solution to this?

A text file is just that, a text file. If they exported it in a specfic format designed to be reimported into EndNote (like the “EndNote Export” style) you could reimport the file choosing the “EndNote Import” import option on the import window. If they just made a text file using a regular style, like APA 6th, it will not import into EndNote easily. If someone wants to send you references from EndNote. there are much easier ways to do that- they can simply open the library and go to the File menu and choose “Compressed Library” to create a single file they could send to you that contined whatever references they wanted to send you from their library (if they have alot of PDF attacments, they can choose to save this copy without file attachments to make the file smaller). This compressed copy can be sent to you and opened without any importing in your version of EndNote.

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How to import a text file in APA 6th style?

The answer is in the thread.  you can’t.