Unable to import .txt or .enw files into X7


I feel silly typing this message but I cannot seem to import .txt or .enw files into my EndNote library. Although I’ve been using EndNote for some years, I’m not an experienced user. I usually find my references throught Endnote via PubMed and occasionally have to manually enter one. All good. However, at the moment I am using articles from a particular journal and none of them have come up in PubMed so I have exported the references from the Wiley Online Library but now I can’t seem to import them. I’ve tried both .txt and .enw formats. I go thought the steps, ensure my filter is set to “EndNote Import” but nothing happens. This should be so straightforward so clearly I am doing something wrong. I’ve done a few searches and followed a few suggestions but to no avail.

Would appreciate any assistance.


Can you attach the enw file (in a zip file or rename to .txt)?  Did you try opening it or downloading it from a different browser?  

You might also find help (pages 36-41) of THE LITTLE ENDNOTE HOW-TO BOOK  (download it from the right hand side of the linked page).     

Thanks, Leanne. Used a different browser. Working just fine now. :slight_smile: