Importing of pdf not possible

The problem is in X6 and X7

When I want to import a new file or folder to my library the progress bar just stays the same until I cancel the operation. This is very annoying because citation of my new pdfs has to be done by hand now.

I hope you can help me

Thanks a lot.


I’ve experienced the same problem: Endnote X7 hangs indefinitely when attempting to import a pdf; this occurs for pdfs and folders of pdfs of all kinds. Not attempting anything over a network, just a standard import from the desktop. This basically bricks the software for me. (Using Windows 7 and Endnote X7 build 7390)

 Any help?

Was there ever an answer on this? I have the same problem. I posted to this forum about it on 22/5/14 and there have been no replies. I can only assume it is very uncommon and no one knows why it happens.

I found a workaround! I logged in as admin instead of as a standard user on my PC and found the test file import worked. I then gave my user account admin privileges, but the import didn’t work. So I shared my folders with the admin user, logged in as that again, and have successfully imported my 40 PDFs. I have no idea what restriction on my personal account caused this problem. But it is fixed now

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