Problems installing EndNote X4

recently I upgraded from EndNote X3 to EndNote X4. I installed EndNoteX4, and finished the procedure; however the procedure got stuck in the last 5 seconds or so (that’s what it said). After half an hour waiting for the last five seconds I thought I could safely ignore it and look if everything was present – and yes, all the icons were there, and EndNote started as usual.

The next day this didn’t work anymore; not from WORD, not from the list of programs to find under “START” in the lower left corner of Windows (where it had disappeared altogether), not from the program files, for looking into the folder within the program files directory learned me that about half of all the folders had dissappeared.

So I reinstalled. All went well, except (again)  for the reported last five seconds lastig more than an hour (lunch time). Same procedure as before.

Today, again EndNote X4 was “unconscious”, much of its brain (in “program files”)  got lost again .

What happens? Please help.

For the sake of speediness:
I Use Windows 7, I use Office 2010,