Problems when I import references with Unicode characters from JSTOR to Endnote

I am facing problems when I import RIS files of references with Unicode characters from JSTOR to Endnote.

E.g. the title of this article appears in my Endnote library like as in attachment 1

Especially in the case of articles with titles in Greek, almost nothing appears. E.g. for this article what appears in attachment 2

Has anyone faced the same the same problem and had found a solution? 

Thank you!


Also in the case of names with Unicode characters, the name of the author appears in two lines like this

ahin, Mustafa

instead of 

Şahin, Mustafa

Thanks again!

The title is exported into RIS by Jstor as giberish.  The Bibtext text file is exported as greek (didn’t test the other one).  But I haven’t been able to import the Bibtext file with that filter.  I seem to remember needing to specify a “translation” - but tried that too… Tech support might be able to help.  Think we need a different bibtext filter.  (and then you need to import the file from endnote rather than letting it import automatically).  

I messed around a bit with the Bibtex filter looking at the bibtex exported text file for the Greek title I exported from JStor attached.  I might have over tweaked it, but see if if works.  You need to download the file from jstor as bibtex (text file).  

You then go to endnote and file>import – find the file in your downloads, select the modified bibtex filter – and I am not even sure you will need to specify that the translation should be UTF-8 - but it might work best.  
BibTex revised Copy.enf (3.59 KB)
10.2307_24518722.txt (354 Bytes)

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Dear Leanne,

You are amazing! I am deeply grateful for your kind help! Your kind help is deeply appreciated! 

Thank you!

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I am sorry for coming back to the topic but apparently, it seems that I have to make an important compromise by using BibTex.

If I choose your solution, while Unicode appears perfectly, the BibTex file does not download important information of the reference as the abstract or the Reviewed Item.

It really troubles me why Endnote faces such a problem with UTF-8 encoding. At the moment, I try to test all the import methods for RIS, but it seems in vain.

Thank you!

The export to RIS is the problem – the correct fonts info isn’t there, if you open the file and look with notepad or word, so endnote can’t magic it back?  JStor needs to either download the actual unicode to the file, or change their output to include your needed fields in the bibtex file. The German title had an abstract.  

Maybe someone has an alternative.  Can you download it from somewhere else?  Can you download them both and then combine the duplicates? (manually, as endnote can’t combine duplicates). 

But I note now that the two Greek imported versions (RIS vs Bibtex), also reverse the first,lastname order of the author.  Not sure which one is correct?  

The problem is not on the RIS but on the importing of RIS to Endnote. I tried importing RIS on a different reference manager and there were no problems with Greek and German characters. 

Maybe the RIS looks like nonsense when you open it with notepad, but there are just the HTML Entities (hex) of Unicode Characters, which they should make sense when Endnote turns them back to Unicode. In my opinion, the real question is why the “Text translation: UTF-8” does not work when I import RIS files. 

I think that the order of first and last name is not really an issue as it could be changed in Edit-> Import Filters-> Edit X Filter - > “Author Parsing”.

I don’t think that merging or downloading from somewhere else could be practical solutions as I am using JSTOR on daily basis and for hundreds of references.

I would appreciate an alternative to the to the Unicode transformation.

Good point.  I am just a user.  I suggest you contact support people.  I tried to help as an interested user.  Maybe they have found a solution - or need to be aware of the issue.  

Please, allow me to say that your knowledge of Endnote makes you more than a simple user. You have helped me in my Endnote endeavors also in the past. I am deeply grateful to you.

I will do as you suggested and I will email Technical Support.

Thank you!

I created this Python notebook to transform HTML entities to Unicode Characters.