About the default import encoding of EndNote X2.

I want to import the bibliogrophy entry of the following paper into endnote library on-line:


In the above reference, the author fields include some non-ascii codes and this webpage give me two bibliogrophy formats for use: BibTeX or EndNote (RIS).   As for my case, I just can use the   EndNote (RIS) format in order to importing into  EndNote directly.  When I clike the link  of the EndNote (RIS) export on the above webpage, I can do the following two things:

1- Download the corresponding ris format file of this reference.

or, it the EndNote is opened currently, I can also do the following thing: 

2- Import this reference into  EndNote directly.

The latter is a more convenient method than the former and is used by me.  But I found that the non-ascii characters in the author fields will become corrupted characters. 

Then I open the ris format file downloaded by me with Emacs and found that the encoding of this file is iso-8859-1.   So I do the following: 

From the File | Import menu, choose the following settings to import this ris format file into  EndNote:

Import Option: Reference Manager (RIS)

Text Translation: Western European (ISO-8859-1) 

Then I will get the correct result as it is.

My issue is: When I do the on-line importing of some bibliogrophy files directly without downloading them to my computer, how can I change the import encoding translation of EndNote according to the encoding used by the bibliography file I just want to imported?



See this thread.