Problems with Endnote 7 / Office 2003 on Windows Vista


I am using Endnote 7 and I’m having several issues.  First and foremost, although I’m getting a proper bibliography, Endnote is inserting a string of approximately 10 blank lines prior to beginning the bibliography.  A minor annoyance, although I’d like to have it fixed.  This problem was seemingly fixed upon reinstalling endnote, although formatting the bibilography to double spaced caused the lines to reappear. 

Also CWYW is not working unless I click to format the bibliography.  This problem also seemed to be fixed upon reinstalling Endnote, although after a few sessions it has returned to it’s mischievous ways.

Again, not major issues but as I’m about to begin writing my full dissertation, I’d like to get it working properly.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks,

  • Chris

I’m not sure you still need some answeres, but my suggestion is to upgrade to X2.0.1, and install in Win XP machine.

Endnote X2.0.1 / Office 2003 / Win XP pro seems to be (relatively) stable combination.

Since you asked “any suggestions”, here’s mine.

Good luck.

See the bottom of this page for more information, but Vista users seem to have the most problems. 

Thomson has a web site devoted to Vista and the some of news is not encouraging.  I don’t know to what problems using EN7 interaction might lead, as EN7 is no longer supported.

As usual, Leanne is correct.  EndNote 7 predates Word 2003, which predates Windows Vista by a couple of years. They were not written to be compatible with each other. You can usually get it running with basic functionality intact, but you will run into plenty of strange behaviours including but not limited to the ones you describe.

Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that I like to use when dealing with Vista and any version of EndNote before X2 and you get idiosyncratic issues like the ones that you describe (and honestly, it doesn’t hurt to try them with X2 either):

  • Make sure you’re logged in as an administrator.

  • Disable UAC, as per

  • Uninstall and then reinstall EndNote, update it to the latest version of that particular release (update 8 to 8.0.2, X1 to X1.0.1 and so on).

  • Reset your EN preferences as per

  • Uninstall and reinstall the CWYW tools.  With versions prior to X1, that means deleting the CWYW files in your Word startup folder and then re-copying them from the website or your EndNote installation directory, as described in  Note that if you’ve upgraded from earlier versions of Word to 2003 or 2007, the files may actually be hiding out in places other than the default startup folder.

  • Run EndNote as Administrator (right click and Run as Administrator) if Vista will let you, and then open a library.

  • Run Word as Administrator, open a blank document, and insert a reference.

At this point you can re-enable UAC if you really feel like it.


Thanks, I will try this.  I have since installed a newer version of EndNote, v. X1.  However, while it is updating the bibliograhpy automatically I still have the problem with the spaces inserted before the Bibliography.  I will try these steps.  Do you have an updated FAQ to reinstall CWYW for X1? I will get around to this when I can… Unfortunately writing is the top priority at the moment, and I can always delete those spaces prior to printing. 

Thanks again,

  • Chris should serve for X1 as well.  Run the Configure EndNote program and uncheck the box for the CWYW tools to remove them, then run it a second time and re-check the box to re-add them.

I recommend always uninstalling previous versions of endnote before a new installation.  This will not delete your libraries and often also leaves preferences (although I doubt it should from EN7 to X2).  Check to make sure Word doesn’t have any remnant toolbars.  We often used to have IT check our registry too, for remnants and extract those.  Earlier versions kept many preferences in the registry.  Then, try to reinstall, making sure that both word and outlook are not open.  (X2 checks for this, but older installs of earlier versions did not always). 

Because I am paranoid, I always back up my library to another directory,  “just in case”.  - but haven’t had to resort to it.