Cannot work CWYW Preferences Tab in End Note X

A recent problem has arisen. I cannot now access preferences in CWYW, either via Word (2007/Vista Ultimate) or End Note (X). Error message  ‘the parameter is incorrect’ appears.

Can anyone help?

Cathal Coleman

UCD School of Politics


EndNote X is not compatible with Windows Vista, and this is one of the compatibility issues you will have:

Thanks for that. However, this option was working until the last few days. Then I reinstalled EndNote (X.0.2) due to a different problem and since then it does not work. Could this be due to the version X.0.2?  Version X on laptop works ok.


Hi, I have the same problem, and I also did not have it until I re-installed the patch for Endnote X (I thought I had done that when I first installed Endnote on my new computer, but I guess I hadn’t). Anyway, the CWYW was working fine without the patch. Any ideas, other than its not compatible??  I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit with Office 2003. Thanks!

I wanted to add that when I don’t use Tracked Changes, the problem occurs less. When I do have Tracked Changes enabled, CWYW does not automatically “cite while I write” by formatting the citations. Again, this worked fine before I installed the X.0.2 patch…

Hi. I am also having similar problem. I knew Endnote X.0.2 is incompatible with Vista but the website stated that some changes in windows registry could fix the problem. Does anyone know what this changes are as I am well versed to make any changes to the registry?