bugs in 2010 and vista


I’m new to the site and I’ve searched to see if this has already been discussed but can’t find it anywhere - so apologies if this is old stuff but I really need some help

I have Endnote X.02, Windows Vista and Office 2010

Before I updated to vista I had no problems with Endnote but now I seem to have a range of problems

  1. Everytime I open up endnote it says ‘the parameter is incorrect’ (I don’t know what this means!)

  2. I can’t access PDFs directly from the library anymore

    • the most annoying one now - everytime I use CWYW and try to insert a citation the cursor jumps to the reference list at the end of the document and I lose my original place. I am working on a 200 page document and it is getting very annoying have to find my original place again.

I have looked at my add-ins setting and note that I have the following active



In text citation cwyw citation recogniser

In the inactive folder I have


Can anyone help???

Endnote X is NOT compatible with Word 2010.  Only X4 is claimed to be compatible - and only with the 32 bit version.  If you upgrade to 2010, you will need to upgrade to Endnote X4. See this FAQ and this compatibility chart.  (P.S. And don’t install the patched version if you rely on footnote styles with  Word 2010).

Many thanks