Problems with Endnote X2 CWYW and Office: Mac 2008 Home&Student Edition

Hi people,

I’ve been using Endnote ever since Version 8, relying on the installations at the different universities and Insitutions I was. However, now I’ve bought Endnote X2 and i’m trying to get it work with Word on my Mac (Office: mac 2008, home&student edition).

There is no X2 submenu in Word, this is what i tried:

  • downloaded and installed 12.0.1 update

  • reinstalling word and endnote several times

  • following all directions from the Endnote help: “No endnote commands in Word”.

  • manually copied the Endnote 2008.bundle file to my Word startup folder (office:startup:word, I manually  set this folder to be the word startup folder by word/preferences/file locations. Just to be absolutely sure word is searching in the right folder)

  • manually copied the two files to the application support: Endnote directory (They weren’t there at first)

  • I manually loaded the two CWYW files in word (templates and addins/global templates). Now I can get the endnote submenu, but it does nothing

Can anyone please give me some more suggestions how to fix this? I’ve not written to the technical support yet, but I think I should.



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I have exactly the same problem as Tim.

Tim, have you already found a solution? 


ok, I have found this site for a solution

Sorry for not posting, but indeed, installing Service Pack 1 (which I presumed I had installed) for Office seems to solve the trick. Actually It would be nice that the Endnote installer automatically gives a warning if it discovers that you haven’t updated your Office version.