Problems With Proxy Connection To Web of Science

HI all; I’m using EndNoted X2 on a Mac os 10.5 machine.

whenever I have my proxy connection set up to my university in my system preferences, I can connect to Web of Science, but it asks me for my proxy information repeatedly; often up to 10-15 times. But I eventually do get results.

When I turn the proxy information off and I submit a search request to web of science, I get no matching results.  Can anyone suggest a solution?

Simon Kiss

The “no matching references” response from the WoS connection files usually means that you are not authenticated to access the database. The WoS connection files use the HTTP protocol (unlike most other connection files) and they require IP authentication for access. So you can probably only access them by going through your proxy server.

I don’t know why your proxy server is repeatedly asking for authentication. Does it help if you first use your web browser to access a site external to your institution?