Problems with RM Web Publisher.

Reference Manager has experienced the following problems since it was installed in a Windows 2000 Server: 

  • At the beginning, the program works fine, but 2 or 3 hours later, Web Publisher service stops and the error  “The requested URL could not be retrieved” appears in Internet Explorer. After verifying Web Publisher’s configuration, it can be seen that it has been disabled. A permanent session was left in the server, because every time we left the server, it stopped working. However, the problem continues.
  • When the Web Publisher seems to be working and you perform a Web search, when you click on any of the results to check the details, the following message appears: “services error, id=23000”, which means that the port is busy. This happens even when we are sure that the port is not used by any other process.
  • We’ve done the steps recommended in the mailing list:
  2. Enable, and start the WebClient Service (Control Panel, Services)                
  3. Run the RM11 Configuration utility                 
  4. Move RMWP to a different port (I was on 8180 and moved it to 8888)
  5. Restart RMWP 

This solution works temporarily, but it is not practical to be changing the port whenever this error occurs. 

Thanks in advance for any clue you can give us on this issue. 

Did you ever find a resolution to your web publisher issue?  I am having a similar problem and need a solution.  I have tried all that was suggested by technical support.  Still the problem persists.  Any suggestions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

Jacqueline Bartek