Problems with TF-L Chicago-UK footnotes only (Taylor & Francis Reference Style L)-not outputting footnotes?

Hello. I am completing a journal manuscript that requires the TF-L Chicago-UK footnotes only output style, but I am having some trouble in that it is outputting all of the references as endnotes rather than footnotes. I have attached the .ens file here. I am on a Mac, using Endnote X7.7 and MS Word for Mac 2011. Has anyone had this problem or something similar, and if so can you offer any advice on how to fix the problem?

TF-L Chicago-UK footnotes only.ens (28.3 KB)

Are you using the word processor to insert the footnotes, or inserting them in-text?  –

If the former, than the endnote/footnote settings are set by the word processing program and you can change them to the foot of the page, rather than at the end of the document.  

If the latter, then they aren’t footnotes – You are using the citation template to put in a citation, and the bibliography will appear at the end of the document.  

I think someone once wrote a macro to convert endnote citations to footnotesand a TR person said that they also had some tools to make the converstion between the two.