Chicago TF-J UK endnotes bibliography issue (X4)

I am trying to format my bibliography references into this style. However, when I do so most (but not all) of the references disappear (endnotes are unaffected). I have tried using a new EndNote library and new word document to no avail. How can I solve this annoying problem?

Attach the style, but I suspect that it is the “TF-J Chicago endnotes + bibliography British Version” where there aren’t any “citations” as there is no citation template for the original style.  You insert the citations into word inserted footnotes.  If you have different instructions, then you should look for a different style, or add to the citation template, save it and use that newly edited style.  But it will no longer fulfill the journal requested refererncing.  The “citations” are still there, just invisible with this style.  Reformating it with a different style would reveal them. 

Thanks for the reply.

The “TF-J Chicago endnotes + bibliography British Version” includes a bibliography (hence the name). The endnotes have all been processed normally, but only one bibliographical reference appears (out of a total of about 20 so far). The other bibliographical references only appear when I switch to another output style. The fact that one bibliographical reference appears but the others don’t suggests some kind of bug.

I have attached a copy of the output style.

TF-J Chicago-UK endnotes-bib.ens (18.2 KB)

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

As my screengrabs show, when I use any other style (in this case Chicago 15th A) all bibliographical references are shown. However, when I switch to “TF-J Chicago endnotes + bibliography British Version” all bibliographical references disappear except one.

I have the same problem on my computer at school (running Office 2010 and X4) and at home (running Office 2007 and X3)

Can someone please advise why this problem might be occurring and how I can solve it? I have to submit a paper in this style.

Many thanks.

How do I get someone  at Thomson Reuters to address this issue?

No one has bothered to give me an explanation.


This is a special style created for Taylor and Francis following the UK version of the Chicago style which does not include a bibliography.  If you need your citaitons formatted in the Chicago Style in a footnote format and you want a bibliography at the end of your document you need to access and use the Chicago 15th A style, this one includes the bibliography.

If you want to use the Chicago TF-J UK style and wish a bibliography to be at the end of your document then open the style, and scroll down to the section where it says “Footnotes” click on the Templates option and then in the top of this form tick the check box that says “Include Citations in Bibliography”  This will generate those citations that you have included in the footnote section in your bibliography.

Cheryl–The EndNote team