TF-M Chicago footnotes-bib based on Chicago 15th A - only endnotes showing - no footnotes

2 challenges here:

  1. only the endnotes are showing - the numbers are there in the text but only show up in hte endnotes.

  2. The numbers of the footnotes are not in order - it starts with nr 46 (since I added that later when I updated the introduction) but I really would have liked the footnotes to be in order :-/

Can anyone help?

I have a Mac btw

I suspect that you are inserting them as citations and not first inserting a “footnote” and putting the endnote citation in the footnote?  Word handles the numbering. 

If you just insert them as “citations”  – they just put in the number with that specific output style and only create what you call “endnotes” which is really the bibliography.  If you contact support - they may have a Macro that will convert endnote inserted citations into footnotes.  

There are also a couple of Macros made by users.  I think this one was the most recent: 

To contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1