Proper EndNote sync between devices

I had to make a tech support call the other day because I wasn’t able to sync the records between both my laptop, EndNote Web, and my desktop. 

We found a workaround, which is to make an empty DB when you switch computers and merge it with the EndNote web, but the core of the issue is that EndNote relies on a local DB as authority. If you change computer, you’re changing DB.

Feature Request: it should be the other way around. The online records should be the one making law, and once you pull them from the EndNote Cloud, you should be able to propagate them to any other device you have. That is how Zotero works, and also iCloud, OneDrive, Autodesk 360, etc.

Make it a paying feature if you must, but in this day and age, the Cloud is the main site to keep data, and we need to access it from any number of devices, browsers, cell phones, or tablets.