Citing two part names


I have an authors name  van Keulen, but I can’t get it to cite his name correctly, It cites Keulen V or just Keulen depending on which way I write it.

Any ideas on a fix? I am using X2 in pages on a Mac



How did you enter it?

It should work with van Keulen, [first name].

Check under “complex author names” in the EndNote manual.

To avoid this problem, it is always good to enter any author as full-last name, firstname in the record followed by carriage return before the next author.  If you want the “van” to be ignored in an alphabetized reference list, you should enter that into the Preferences, sorting options for author (you may want to add von and der (“van der” doesn’t work, you need to list each of them).  This adjusts their sorting order in the library display as well, at least in X3.  

so in your case: 

van Keulen, Firstname 

NextSurname, firstname

Usually, records imported by endnote from most sources, automatically are entered in this way.

I don’t understand why you can’t make “van der” work as something for the software to ignore when sorting.  I currently have EndNote version X2 and it doesn’t work in that, but I thought it did in earlier versions. 

As a separate point, often I do not want citations to appear like [van Beethoven, 1800].  Often it is appropriate for them to appear as [Beethoven, 1800]. 

If I enter the record author as “van Beethoven, Ludwig”, then I get citations like the first one, regardless of whether I instruct Endnote to ignore “van” or not.  However, if I do instruct to ignore, at least the bibliography looks right.

If I enter the record author as “Beethoven, Ludwig van”, then I get correctly formatted citations like the second one above.  However, I then run the risk that my bibliography may look like L. v. Beethoven, which I do not like.  It is arguably even more clunky with a name like "Mario de Souza", which would end up as M. d. Souza. 

(Compare with the problem of “Silvio Marcus de Souza Correa” described in .)

By the way, previously I had “van der” and “van” included as words to ignore, and EndNote X2 still did not correctly sort “van der Voort, P.” under surnames (effectively) beginning with V.

Even after adding “der” as something else to ignore, it still did not correctly sort the bibliography (in the library) until I closed EndNote down and re-opened the library.  Refreshing the library had no effect.

A few questions and a comment:

1.What OS and word processing program are you running? 

  1. What EndNote output style are you using?

3.There’s also a patch for EndNote X2 which upgrades it to X2.0.4 so does the problem persist after installing the patch?

Comment: the format of a citation and reference is guided by style standards for the various disciplines. So empahsis is placed on addressing those requirements foremost - not the aesthetics.