sorting two-part names in English bibliography

Is there a way of sorting names such as “ten Hove”, “de Cherton”, or “van der Ploeg” under H, C, and P rather than T, D, and V as is required when compiling lists of surnames in English?

Offhand, have you tried adjusting the Author field for each record such that “ten Hove”, “de Cherton” and “van der Ploeg” are entered as*:

Hove, John ten 

Cherton, John de

Ploeg, John van der


*John is included  as an example of the 1st  name -  note including 2 commas  after the last name  


Yes I have, but the style I am required to use needs names to be written in the following format

de Cherton, J

ten Hove, J

van der Ploeg, J

rather than the below as achieved with double-comma (,)

Cherton, John de

Hove, John ten

Ploeg, John van der

This can be achieved by using a setting in Preferences, called Sorting. Words added to the Sorting list are ignored by EndNote when sorting references. So add van, der, de and ten will cause your author names to sort under the significant part of the name.

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names should be entered 

ten Hove, John and then you want to edit>preferences, sorting.  

add ten, der, van to the author list (see the attached image of the entry window) – but I am not sure there isn’t a glitch with double barrel  (van der)  versions…  

oops, see Patti beat me to it!  

Dear friend 

  • Enter corporate authors (e.g. the name of an organisation) with a comma after the name. Do not include any comma within the name. If a comma is required with the corporate author e.g. Faculty of Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, put a double comma in the Author field. For example type Faculty of Engineering, School of Civil