Preventing duplicates when moving from "Unfiled" to multiple groups

Thank you for your help.  When I download references I typically leave them “Unfiled” until I have a chance to read their full text.  After reading the associated article, I then move a reference from “Unfiled” to one or more groups. I do this by cutting and pasting the article from the temporary “Unfiled” group to one or more groups. Unfortunately, this approach creates duplicates of the article. I’ve also tried copying and pasting from “Unfiled,” but this also creates duplicates. I believe that if I drag the reference from “Unfiled” to a group and then drag the references from the new group to another group this won’t create duplicates of the reference, however; I find this approach more tedious. 

Is there another way to move references from “Unfiled” to multiple groups without creating duplicates.

I know what you mean, but dragging from Unfiled group to multiple groups isn’t that bad, as long as your group is well organized (that could be the problem). You feel “tedeous” because the refence you drag to the first group disappear, and you have to find it out?

But, let me tell what I do sometimes (not always). When I want to organize some “unfiled” references, I usually use one field to tag them first. In my case, I use Short title field, and put U for all the Unfiled references (sometimes >50) using “Change field” function. Then, I use Search function to find references that have U in Short title, and from the Search Result group, I drag the references to multiple groups. Then, the reference doesn’t disappear from the Search Result group.

After doing this organizing job, I clear all the U in the Short title field. This work sometimes takes more than a day if I need to read all the full text.

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Thanks for the suggestion myoshigi.  I just thought of another approach… create another group called unfiled or something similar and move all unfiled references into this group.  The references can then be moved to other groups after reading them and deleted from this group afterwards.