X8: Move reference from 'All references' to group

I’m trying to find out how I can move (not copy) a reference from ‘All references’ to a newly defined group. When I drag the reference, the reference is still in ‘All references’. I also tried a right click on the reference, and choose ‘Add reference to’ -> My new group. The result is that the reference is still in ‘All references’.

If you have to sort a systematic search it would be nice to remove references out of sight.

All references are, well ALL the references?  It wouldn’t make sense to remove references that have been moved to a group?  

There is an unfiled references group for that?  

You can right click and hide selected references - but then you are seeing “showing references” rather than all references, and it will not be saved that way.  

You can create a group  that is all references, minus specific groups to create a smaller list.  If it were minus all groups, you would end up essentially with the “unfiled” group that is already there.