Quotation marks and capitalization in reference list

Hi all –

I am using Endnote X2 on a Mac.  I have my APA 5th style set to use sentence case in the bibilography.  My problem is that any entry that has a quotation mark in it capitalizes the letter next to the quotation mark – ie, instead of:

The “quick” brown fox (correct capitalization)

EndNote inserts in the bibliography:

The “Quick” brown fox (incorrect capitalization)

This problem does not occur when the capitalization is set to retain as entered – but I can’t use that setting because the reference entries are not capitalized correctly in all cases.  The capitalization is correct in the actual entries.  

Does anyone know how to correct this?  I have a very large document with an equally large bibliography and I’d rather not have to do this manually?

Thanks in advance for any help!