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I have been reading through previously written posts and none of the suggestions seem to be working for me. I have set my endnote to set my biliography authors names in small case however i still get a list of references that looks like this: 

AKSAKAL, I. 2005. Removal of heavy metals from industrial sludge. Dokuz Eylul University.

ALI, M., YAN, C., SUN, Z., GU, H. & MEHBOOB, K. 2013. Dust particle removal efficiency of a venturi scrubber. Annals of Nuclear Energy, 54 , 178-183.

I havent typed them into endnote in capital letters and cant find any problems with my settings - i am using endnote x6 with word 11 for mac. 

any help would be greatly appreciated 

Did you check if the capitalization setting for Author Names in the bibliography section of your output style is set to “As is.”? (The setting may have been mistakenly set to “All Uppercase”.) See attached image.

Author Name_Capitalization.gif

Yes i checked this and they are all been changed to lower case.

1.  Did  try  updating  your citation/ bibliography ?

2.  Which output style are you using?

  1. Did you previously modify your output style? (If so, the changes are saved to a new output style file and you need to change your MS Word setting to use the new output file  or the changes won’t take effect .)

  2. Did you try downloading and installing a new output style file in the event the current one has been corrupted or updated? corrupted

yes tried updating, 

just tried downloading new output style (harvard science) and updated and still no change. 

Does the font you are using, have a small cap font ability?