quotes around sections of books

Hi there, I’m using Chicago Style B and am trying to modify the book section reference type to have quotes placed around the book section title in the biliography.  I went into "Endnote - preferences - Reference types - Modify reference types " selected book section and put quotes in the Title section, but it’s not formatting the bibliographies that way.  Can any one suggest  something?


You should undo that.  You want to edit the Style Chicago Style B in the template for the book section.  The Reference types is where the fields themselves are named, not how the data in the fields are handled, as that would be different in each output style. 

From Endnote

Edit>Output Style >edit “Chicago 15th B” add the quotes (see image attached, one of the inserted quotes is selected).

Then SAVE AS, and give it a new name (replace the auto added word copy and say some like >Chicago 15th B-book-title in quotes and then go to your manuscript and change to use that new style.