Trouble modifying style

I am trying to modify my personal style to include a template for “book chapters”, as opposed to “Book section,” which is in the program. I would like to use this template for referencing individual chapters of authored books (not edited collections). I want to use such entries in course outlines. The problem with the book section template is that it always inserts an editor.

Thus, I would like an entry to look like this (this is a chapter of the book in question):

Bercuson, David Jay, Robert Bothwell, and J. L. Granatstein. 1984.  “Canadian and Other Useless Studies.” In The great brain robbery : Canada’s universities on the road to ruin. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, pp. 130-46.

I did this by modifying the “Generic” style, though I am not sure if this is advisable…but it allows me to achieve look I want - except for one thing. I put the chapter title in the title field, and the book title is in the secondary title. Consequently, I cannot automatically capitalize book titles.

Is there a way to capitalize secondary titles? Or, alternatively, is there an easier way to set up this kind of template? Can I modify the book section field to not include an editor if there is not one?



If there is no editor, the section style should have the appropriate punctuation to correctly omit any extraneous information.  Ensure that the editor is surrounded by link adjacent and forced separation (available from the insert field button). 

for example from Chicago 15th A

Author. “Title.” In Book Title|, edited by Editor|, Pages|. City|: Publisher|, Year|. Reprint, Reprint Edition|. 

I just make sure that EVERY space is a link adjacent outside of those that are Field names. The bars are "forced separation"s. If any of the fields are not filled in the record, the associated punctuation will be deleted.

Alternatively, copy the Book Section to your new reference type and delete the Editor and associated punctuation.