Random in-text citations display as different output styles to the whole document - endnote X7.7

Hi all,

I’m having a small problem with endnote X7 that I can’t seem to find an online solution for. 

Basically I want any in-text citations with 2 authors to look like: (Santos & Maher, 2012) and any with 3+ authors to look like: (Santos et al., 2012).

For some reason a select few with 3+ authors will only display as (Santos, Maher et al., 2012) showing the first 2 authors then et al - while 90% of my other citations obey the rules outlined min my output styles.

I’ve edited my APA 6th edition endnote settings: edit>output styles>citations>author lists> (see endnote styles.jpg attachment). This works for half of my citations but as you can see some still list as (Santos, Maher et al., 2007) (See attachment) showing two authors then et al. !!! Red = bad and Green = good/ working

Thanks : )

intext citation issue.JPG

This is as APA wants it to be. Santos et al., 2012 will be an ambiguous citation and the APA style says you should add more authors until it will become unique.
See Edit -> Output Styles -> Edit “APA 6th” -> Citations -> Ambiguous Citations.