Random Italicization Bug with Pages '09


This only happens (as far as I know) with Book reference types (it doesn’t happen in Journal reftype I know, but I haven’t checked the others). In Pages '09, when you insert a Book citation, the title is not italicized (but sometimes it is - it is random and seems to have something to do with either punctuation in the title or the length of the title). In the preview window in both Pages and Endnote, the title is italicized. This happens in any style (APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, and Author-Date, which strips the underlines). Other reference types are okay though and work as expected.

Many people have noticed this bug on the Pages '09 forum but I’ve heard no mention of it here. Is this something that’s going to be fixed soon or is there a workaround? The only way I have found so far to fix it is to convert citation into text and manually edit it in Pages, but this is by no means desirable, because it strips all CWYW functionality from the included citations in the document.


I reported this in another thread. I certainly hope this problem gets addressed. 

I’ve also noticed another bug, I believe. When adding references using APA format, sometimes the in-text citation will be correct, e.g., (Armstrong & Wilcox, 2007). If I then add another reference which should be (Armstrong, 2000), the previous one changes to (D F Armstrong & Wilcox, 2007) and the added one changes to (David Armstrong, 2000). If I delete the first citation, the second one correctly changes to (Armstrong, 2000).

This isn’t a pages/endnote problem.  It is because Endnote is interpreting the records as having 2 different first authors and it is “disambugating” them.  Make them exactly the same by cutting and pasting one on top of the other, and it will stop that happening. 

Okay, did that: pasted the single author text onto the record of the two author book. The text is now EXACTLY the same. It still happens.