EndNote X1: changes to reference library fields not reflected in document

An author has sent me a chapter for proofreading, with an accompanying .enl file. In bringing his reference list into conformity with APA style, I noticed that several references in his library had Pages fields that looked like this: “pp. 1-35”. APA style doesn’t use the "pp. " text to indicate page numbers (for journal articles, anyway), and in any case, if that text is wanted, it should be inserted as part of the Style, and not appear in the field itself. So I used the Change Text command to search for and delete all occurrence of "pp. " in the Pages field in the reference library. So far, so good – if I look at the review pane in EndNote the references look just as they should, with no spurious "pp. " text.

Here’s my problem: even after I Update Bibliography in Word (from the Endnote X1 toolbar), the spurious "pp. " text is still appearing in the bibliography for the chapter, in those references where that text formerly appeared. And, in general, no changes that I make to fields in the reference library are being picked up in the bibliography of the Word document. The only changes that are being picked up are changes to the Style, and additions to the Change Case list, and such like

Can anyone explain what is happening?


Message Edited by Zardoz on 09-23-2008 09:19 PM

Yes, for some reason, it is picking up the information from the travelling library and not from the colleagues library.  The only way to ensure using the new information is used, is to completely unformat and reformat the bibliography. You may also have to close the paper and reopen it again to completely erase the temporary travelling library. When reformating, also remember to turn CWYW back on again.