"Rating" field is so far !


I find the the “rating filed” is so far from the main reference view, in particular when there are some long title! 

We have to scroll horizontally to see it! 

It couldn’t be added at left?

I know, we can drag, resize but this is manual and time consuming! Automatic way is better and faster and long-term solution!

Or if there is an option to display only eight, nine or ten words in the titles, this will be more flexibility to see all the fields

By the way, is there anyway to remove the two last fields (last update and reference type)?



You can adjust the order of the fields and which fields appear. To do this in EndNote, click the Edit menu (Windows) or EndNote menu (Mac) and select Preferences. Click on Display Fields to adjust the order of the fields in your library. For Columns you do not wish to appear, you can select “[Do not display].” Click OK (Windows) or click Save and close the Preferences (Mac).

At least in Windows, and EndnoteX7 you can now drag and drop the headings in the library display (but you can’t move them in the record view). 

Thank you for you both.

It looks much better now!

However, if there is a way to reduce the number of title words displayed to get more uniform view, this will be great!

For example;

“Display only the 10 first words in the title…” 

“Display full title” (default)

So, when there are references with long titles, we would have a uniform view of all references adjusted to the same length. 

I have some references with title up to 25 words! Even if I maximize the window it is still not visible!

So, it would be better to cut it off and only display 10 words or less! If I am interested in it, then I click on it to get more detail and the full title in the new detailed view. 

If you have v7, you can drag the size bar on the field to the length you wish - mine only shows whatever fits into about 2 inches of space.

Are there any plans to be able to customize the order of fields in the record view?  That would be an enormous - ginormous even - improvement.

The short answer is no.  It is my understanding that it would require a complete rewrite of the software, starting over and thus be a totally new software package.  In the sciences, where the majority of our records are downloaded from the databases, it really isn’t an issue to me.  

Shame - I download from data bases all the time too.  It would just be nice to be able to have the information I use to sort records up at the top of the window.  But thank you