Re: Creating a database which EndNote can filter information

Hello Folks: I have my publications data in MSAccess.  How do I create a filter or connection file, so that the information from it can be downloaded into an EndNote library.  Or what software should I use to create another database from which EndNote will download the references.  Please help !!! :frowning:

Refer to your Endnote Help: “Creating Structured Text Files that EndNote Can Import”.  I have found the easiet way to do this is to create an Access report that converts records into “Tagged EndNote Import File”. Each record needs to begin with the Reference type tag (e.g. %0  Journal Article),. Each record is separated by a blank line. Check your Endnote help for “Creating a Tagged EndNote Import File” for a list of field labels.

Also see this (with credit from

Exchanging EndNote References with MS Access

Robert Gear of the University of California, San Francisco has made this guide and the associated MS Word macro code available freely for educational use on an as-is basis. There is no support provided. You could use similar principles to exchange data with a number of other programs such as spreadsheets should you want.


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Message Edited by Leanne on 03-05-2009 09:41 AM

When I am downloading reference from PubMed or any other database, the year is not downloaded. This is a big when I am downloading a collection of references.  Can anyone advise?

You don’t say which old version of Endnote you are using, but see this FAQ.