Re-installed Word, EndNote tab disappeared

Office had to be re-installed on my work computer and the EndNote tab is now gone from Word. How do I get it back?

Thanks for any hep, I searched the forum and FAQ but did not figure it out…

EndNote X7 (desktop version)

Windows 7

Office 2010

So you read this knowledge base article:  – I would try this first and if it doesn’t work, follow the link in that article - to 'they were there, but now gone".  I think you need to install them as the folders that endnote files need to be placed in, are recreated when you reinstall word.  You then need to install Endnote afterwards to get those files back.  You might also be able to do this from the Windows Control panel / programs, which also opens up the endnote modify/repair/uninstall dialog.  Make sure all of Office is closed including Outlook when you do these steps.