Using Cite While You Write on 2 computers results in wrong references being inserted in document

I am using EndNote X6 on two computers with Windows 7 64-bit: one is my home computer and one is my work computer.  The EndNote libraries on each of the computers are the same because they both sync with my EndNote Web account.  I am trying to write a paper using both my home and work computers, but the references from EndNote inserted in the document differ when I am using my home versus my work computer. I am using EndNote’s Cite While You Write function with Microsoft Windows 2010.  When I right click on a reference in the Word document, all of the references say their location is “My Home EndNote Library” (the EndNote library on my home PC).  This makes sense because the references inserted appear to be correct when using my home PC, whereas the wrong references are inserted when using my work PC.  Is it possible to work on this paper from my work PC (in addition to my home PC), which uses a different EndNote library (“My EndNote Library”)?  My home and work EndNote libraries should be the same because they both sync to my EndNote Web account.  I’m wondering whether, even though both EndNote libraries are in sync with my EndNote web libraries and they have the same references, the references may have different reference numbers in each of the libraries.

Any ideas?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Hello, Isaac:

Yes, the record numbers will be different in the two libraries; these aren’t carried over by sync. However, this should be no great impediment to EndNote X6! When working in CWYW on your Work computer, click Update Citations and Bibliography on the Cite While You Write (CWYW) toolbar; EndNote will automatically tie the formatted references in to their corresponding reference in your Work copy of the library, even if the record numbers are different.

When you get back to your Home computer, click Update Citations to tie it back in to the home library, and vice-versa.

Let me know if you need any more help with this!

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for the quick response.  The problem I have is that when using my work PC, when I click “Update Citations and Bibliography” on the CWYW toolbar, the references in the document get changed to the wrong references, so I’m not sure how the references are linked if not by record number.

Your help is much appreciated.


Hmm, that sounds odd! I would like to get my hands on that document and library. Can you please open a support case here: with the subject “Attn: Gillian” so that I may request your files?

Hi Isaac,

May we also have a copy of the document?

Just sent the document and compressed library to Gillian.  Thanks!


Hm… I didn’t receive an email from our file send utility – can you please try again, being certain to follow the directions I sent exactly?

Okay, sorry.  I think they went through this time.

Was this problem ever resolved?  I am having a similar problem, I have my EndNote library syncing on two computers, my work computer and my home laptop- both are syncing to the same EndNote Web account, but if I use CWYW to insert references into a Word document, if I open the document on the other computer all or many of the references change to the wrong ones.  Would love to know if there is a fix for this.

To my knowledge, the problem still hasn’t been solved.  Here’s the response I received from Thomson-Reuters:

Good news: I was able to replicate what you’re seeing, and it appears to be a nasty issue! We designed the software to be able to update even if the record numbers are missing, but there’s something about your record data that appears to be throwing it off. When I repeat these steps with my own libraries, it works just fine, even with different record numbers. I’ve asked our developers (including Gandalf) to look deeper into this to figure out why it’s not behaving as we’d expect in your case. I’m very grateful to you for reporting this so we can make sure that this doesn’t happen to other users!

Bad news: Since it appears to be some sort of design flaw in the Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools, there isn’t going to be an easy way around the problem. You have a couple of options, feel free to use whichever solution sounds easier.

Possibility one is to use exactly the same library so that the record numbers are identical. To do this, you would return to the computer with the original copy of the library, and make and move a compressed library as we describe here:

Open that copy of the library on your second computer and use that to format.

Possibility two is to use the same library, but force CWYW to choose the correct references. You can do this by unformatting and reformatting, and then using select matching reference to select the ideal match from the currently open library. We have the steps here:


Select Matching Reference:

I’m very sorry you ran into this bizarre issue, and I assure you we’re taking it very seriously. In the meantime, using one of the methods above will get you working for now•

I have just converted from Refman to endnote and fear i’ll have exactly the same problem.

i created a ‘New’ library by syncing to the library on the web.  ie. i did exactly the same thing on two different computers

   i let the one computer finish and then, without changing anything, created a new library on the other computer


when i look at the record numbers none of them is the same on the two computers!!

as i’m just starting with EndNote i find this very worrying (especially since i need to sync one more computer)

please advise on how to fix this 

Hello all,

Please can you kindly help me out. I was working on a document on my office computer but later transfer the work to home computer then it began to show repeat the same references all over the document the moment I try to add a reference. Please kindly advise.

Here is an example of what I am experiencing now; 

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