Ref ID instead of regular numbers

I am writing an article with the help of  reference manager 12.0.4. I have made a database of around 45 articles, and was using it without any problem. Suddenly, when I want to introduce a new reference, I keep receiving Ref ID instead of regular number of reference (f. eks. {838} instead of number (13) in reference order). How can I resolve this? I didn’t make any changes in setting in either reference manager nor word 2007.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are seeing just the RefID instead of the formatted reference, Instant Formatting may be disabled. To turn it back on, open the document and the database in Reference Manager 12. From the Reference Manager 12 database, click on the Tools menu > Cite While You Write [CWYW] > Format Bibliography. This will open the Reference Manager 12 Format Bibliography dialog in Word. Click on the Instant Formatting tab. If it is not currently on, click Turn On and then click OK to format your document.