Reference Manager/Word compatibility

I use Reference Manager 10 and Word 2003, but I am currently collaborating with someone who uses Reference Manager 11 and Word 2007. When they send me a Word document (created using CWYW), I only see plain text where the citations should be (e.g. “{author, yyyy nnn /id}”) instead of field codes.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


Greetings David,

What you’re describing sounds like the appearance of temporary citations.  Temporary citations act as citation placeholders to keep track of where formatted citations should be created.  In order to display these references in their formatted state, I’d suggest running the Generate Bibliography command. 

To do this, start by opening the database associated with the document that was sent to you.  Once you’ve opened the database, in Word, click “Tools>Reference Manager 10>Generate Bibliography”.  On the resulting window, select the desired output style and click OK to proceed with the formatting process.  After your return to the document, you should now see formatted citations in place of the temporary citations .  Please let me know if this helps.

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We recently upgraded to RM 12.0.1, and it is used on a network. 

When Updating Citations and Bibliography using temporary citations formated {Author Date and RefID}, RM is unable to find the citations.  However if we format the temporary citation with only the RefID it finds the reference.   Do you have any idea why this happens?

If we have the instant formatting “Turned on” it works correctly.

Any help would be appreaciated. 

Yvonne Fuller

Charles RIver Analytics

Reference Manager: Office 2016 Compatibility

I upgraded to Office 2016 and when trying to manually add Reference Manager 12 I  browse to the following location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\12

but I cannot find

“Reference Manager Cwyw.dll”

there is only

“Reference Manager”

“Reference Manager Cwyw.dotm”


“EndNote Cwyw.dll”

I cannot find

“Reference Manager Cwyw.dll”


In addition, I have Office 64bit, do I have remove it and install Office 32bit?