Reference and citation format

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This is a general question about formatting. I have a reference from the ‘United Nations University’, and when I insert the citiation, it enters it as ‘University’. Is there a way to have the entire phrase appear in the citation in such cases?

And another thing - my references do not have (vertical) spaces between them, meaning I have to go back and hit enter after each reference for the correct formatting - any suggestions on resolving this?

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1. In order to have the complete organizational name cited in-text (as the author) insert a comma after the name in the

Endnote “Author” field:

       United Nations University,


  1. To adjust the line spacing of your bibliography go to the MS Word ribbon and click on the Endnote tab. In the Bibliography section click on the tiny arrow below “Instant Formatting…” which causes the Endnote Configure Bibliography dialog box to pop up. Click the Layout tab and change the line spacing by clicking on the pulldown menu and selecting an option. (Refer to attached image.)

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Thank you so much, that is spot on!

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