Important question please Help

I have been using Endnote in word and its fine, and my reference use to look like this (BuildingSmart, 2011) and other references look like this(CODEBIM, 2015) which was fine, then when i wanted to put another reference or something it started showing my references like this {BuildingSmart, 2011 #21} there is a number at the end of each reference when i press insert citation from endnote, what has happened that change the output?

I want to it to be the same as before, author and year.

Your CWYW instant formating settings have been turned off somehow. Those are the plain text temporary citations (the view I work in most of the time) – Go to the Endnote ribbon, find the text option that says “Instant formating is off”  and click it, which will turn it on and convert to the words “Instant formating is on”.   (added in edit - and make sure the Style in the style box is the correct one.)