Word 2010 compatibility

Is there a time frame for a Word 2010 compatibility update? We are in the process of rolling out Office 2010 and this is really holding us back.

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Greetings Koen,

The most recent news about Reference Manager compatibility with Office 2010 can be found on our website here.

“Released versions of Reference Manager are not compatible with Word 2010. Please register your software to be informed when Word 2010 compatibility is available.”

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and Wordperfect X5:cry: ?

Thank you for the reply, but I was aware of the information on the website. I was hoping that someone could give an indication on when we can expect a Word 2010-compatible version. Within weeks, months, next year? This is really hampering us in rolling out Office 2010, which is already available for almost three months now.

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I agree, we need a clear timeframe on an update, including support for 64 bit Office 2010. It’s not like your were unaware this was coming. Surely you must have been testing the beta versions of Office 2010 with RefMan.

Would be very helpful to know the time frame so we can plan around it. Thanks for the comments and hope to hear soon!

I have to admit that this problem snuck up on me.  I had held off upgrading to Office/Word 2010 due to another issue (Blackberry Desktop Manager).  That software now supports Office/Word 2010.  I thus “converted”, and am now chagrined to find that I didn’t check out Reference Manager for compatability.  Given that this thread started >3 months, and the most recent comment appears to be 6 weeks old, let me join what I assume is a silent majority to ask ThomsonReuters to make this a very high priority.  I may have to convert back to Word 2007 - which would be a major issue for me.  Thanks.

We also urgently need an update for RefMan 12, so we can implement Office 2010.

Please give us an indication of, when we can expect an update.

ResearchSoft Product Support are you reading this thread?

Is no news, bad news?

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We too are planning to roll out Office 2010 64-bit soon and desperately need information about timeframe of this issue to be solved.

Another option for us is to change tho another product.

We are currently working on Cite While You Write compatibility for Reference Manager 12 and the 32 bit version of Word 2010. We hope to have a free update available by the end of the year.

Jason Rollins, Thomson Reuters

Does that mean you could provide us a beta-version that works with Word 2010, besides the cite while you write funtionality?

Yes. If you are interested in helping with the beta testing, please contact me directly. A beta might not be ready for another month but as soon as it is we would be happy to share it.

jason[dot] rollins [at] thomsonreuters [dot] com

We has test and are ready to rollout Office 2010 32 bit  in the organisation, but like others here we cant go, because refman 12 dont support office 2010.

It would be nice, with some more information from Thomson Reuters.

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To be specific, “Word 2010 incompatibility” at our organization means that when we install the RefMan 12 Demo, we can no longer use Word 2010 at all–even when RefMan is not running, Word 2010 hangs and crashes.

We’re prospective clients, but it looks like we can’t sign up “to be informed when Word 2010 compatibility information is available” because we don’t have a product to register.

The timing of this problem is really bad. We’re preparing now for our long-awaited update from ProCite, but now it looks like we’ll have to postpone or look elsewhere.

Hello, Scott:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having such difficulty. As JasonR mentioned above, we are working on an update for Word 2010, but it sounds like the timing is a bit awkward for you.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround that may help you – you can unregister the Cite While You Write plugin so that it will not interfere with the loading behavior of Word 2010.

Open a command line and enter the following lines, exactly as shown below

   cd “Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\Reference Manager\12”

   regsvr32 /u /s “Reference Manager Cwyw.dll”

That should unregister the CWYW tools for you. Let me know if it does not!

Also, you can still sign up to receive updates about Word 2010 compatibility, even if you have not purchased the product yet. In the serial number box on that registration form, simply enter

   “Word 2010”

and the fill out the rest of the form as directed. You will be contacted when information becomes available. We thank you for your continued patience!

Gillian Neff
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If you need another user to stress the urgency of the need for Office 2010 compatability - here’s another one.  Anxious, desperate, impacting other hardware and software decisions - all of these apply!  Please hurry! Thanks.

And another one - no surprises to see that EndNote X4 is compatible… Thomson, please spare a few technical staff to the RefMan development team to fix this pronto - Office 2010 catch you unawares??? Why do you lag behind so much with each Office release…???

Ridiculous you can’t give a timeframe for sorting this. Ho-hum, going back to Word 2007 then, that seems to be the current option…


I add to this discussion as a user of RefMan for 17 years - please please let us know about availability of the upgrade for Word 2010.  I have a 64 bit system (on which RefMan worked with Word 2007) and I have just upgraded to Office 2010.   In order to get Word to work I have had to uninstall RefMan.  But I cannot continue like this - I use  this citation manager on a daily basis. Help!

This is such a good program - can you put on your site your timetable for patches?  I note with horror that there is no mention of a 64bit version in the potential beta versions! :(

Any more info??

The workaround works for us: Word 2010 is working correctly after unregistering the Cite While You Write plugin (CWYW) on Windows XP running Office 2010 and the RefMan 12 Demo.

Our users haven’t ever used Cite While You Write, so we can easily wait for that.

To summarize, the workaround is to enter the following commands on the Windows command line:

  •    C:
  •    cd “\Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\Reference Manager\12”
  •    regsvr32 /u /s “Reference Manager Cwyw.dll”


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