Reference Manager Concurrent Use

Dear all,

I am implementing a “multi user” Reference Manager system for my Company.

Actually we are in the setting phase and we have 10 concurrent licences for RefMan, we have noted that after few days the system answer, after the log-in attempt, that all the licenses were in use ( o something like that…) but after a quick telephonic check no one was logged to the system.

Our IT dept, with the utility “RefMan NetCount” made a “clear” imput and the number of the licenses in use was gone to “0”.

My question is: This was due to a system problem (eg. poor refresh of the licenses counter) or to some mis use from users (eg. not correct log out )?

Thanks in advance


We are experiencing the same problem. We upgraded from RM 11 to 12 and i followed the manual step by step. We have a 5 User license but although only one person is trying to use it we are still getting an error messeage stating all our licenses are in use. It would be nice to get an update on how to fix this problem. I found some short kb entry which didn’t help me fix the problem (