"Reference not appears in text but appears in the Bibliography"

Iam using Endnote X5 with MS word 2007. The current problem relates to when I am entering the refernce using “insert reference” the reference is not appear in text but appears in the Bibliography generated in my Word document.

But when I select  Convert Citations and Bibliography - Convert to Unformatted Citations the  in-text reference appears as (for example) " (Heirwegh, 2004 #471)"

Sounds like you might be using a footnote style without a “citation” template.  What is the output style showing in Word on the Endnote toolbar?  – Try switching to Author-Date or Cell. 

P.S. hope temporary citations are  appearing in curly brackets not regular parentheses?

Thank you. But Iam using APA 6th-Fullname Style as shwoing in Attachment File.

Yes temporary citations are  appearing in curly brackets not regular parentheses, as shwoing in Attachment File.

I try to change outpot Style as you recommended but nothing happen.

please, Is there any one can help?!

I wonder if it is a bug, relating to the Arabic characters? Should the citations be rendered in Arabic as as well? 

I would contact tech support or maybe other users here, have had experience with writing in left to right languages with unicode characters.   www.endnote.com/support 

A quick google suggests that Endnote isn’t able to correctly cite in left-to-right languages, but there is little detail. 

I can’t find much and these are probably not relevant.  

http://www.adeptscience.co.uk/kb/article/1381A  and