Reference type for press releases and press conference transcripts?

Hello, and first apolofies if this question has already been asked or is in the wrong section.

I’ve just downloaded Endnote X6, and am in the process of adding all my references, but there aren’t types for some of my references.

For my research, I have a lot of press releases and transcripts of interviews/press conferences from governments/politicians and similar. None of the given styles seem at all close to what I’m wanting for either of these. I would have thought these are common resource types, so I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions either of what type they fit in, or maybe had made their own types for press releases and press conferences, and could tell me how they made those types (I’m completely new to Endnote, so don’t know how to do very much yet)?

Thanks for any help

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You may have already found the following video since posting your query, but just in case, here’s a link to a reference type customization video from our ‘EndNoteTraining’ channel on YouTube:

Please let me know if this helps.

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