Reference types in Endnote


I am often finding that the reference types in Endnote XI do not cover common types eg lectures, talks, blogs and other types are not catered for. Has this been rectified in later updates or if not is this a problem others find too?



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I agree.  Despite the generous number of references types on offer, many reference types in EndNote seem to be lacking.

Reference Types that I’d particularly like to see include:

* Abstract

* Book Review

* Course Notes

* Episode from a Radio Program

* Episode from a Television Program

* Film

* Image from a Book

* Image from a Database

* Image from a Webpage

* Interview

* Lecture Notes

* Parliamentary Paper

* Podcast

* Radio Program

* Royal Commission

* Slide/Transparency

* Social Media post (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

* Social Media post reply

* Sound Recording

* Speech

* Television Program

* Treaty

* Video Recording

* Vodcast

The reference types ‘Audiovisual Material’, ‘Film or Broadcast’ and ‘Online Multimedia’ are insufficient to cope with the all the different formats available now which often need to be referenced differently by the major styles.  Just my opinion…

One of my favorite things about Endnote is that is allows the user to generate and customize  additional reference types, output styles, etc.  To ask for every option for every user to be prebuilt leads to extremely bloated software, which Endnote has already crossed over to, in my opinion.  

We end up with a program that caters to the vocal requester, with  “ratings” options, and read/unread options, and 5000+ prebuilt styles, and close to 50 reference types (in X6).  

Using the custom reference types is one solution for the more advanced Endnote user, but not necessarily for all EndNote users and only having 3 custom reference types is very limiting. I’m a librarian providing support for the EndNote community across a university of about 30,000 students and while I could advise those who attend our classes to create custom reference types for ‘Course Notes’, for example, it would be much easier if it EndNote provided this so that all users could have access to that reference type without having to delve into the area of more advanced EndNote functionality and configuration.  I agree that adding more and more reference types can make the system somewhat ‘bloated’, but surely EndNote can make the process easier for customizing EndNote to only display the reference types which each user uses so that they con’t have to be constantly confronted with the entire list.  It’s possible to do this, but the process isn’t intuitive.