References duplicted in text

Hi, everytime I add a new reference (in text), every reference that is already in the text gets another copy. So my in text refs end up looking like -  (Jones, 2009)(Jones, 2009)(Jones, 2009)(Jones, 2009)(Jones, 2009)(Jones, 2009). The bibliography is fine.

 I have worked on this document for a while but only started having this problem yesterday - I am using X5.

Thanks Ben

For weird and wonderful behaviors like this, I would always start with cleaning up the field codes. 

  1. So first make a copy of the document. 
  2. Then unformat the citations (unformat NOT REMOVE). This should be done via the endnote toolbar options in word. 
  3. Remove any vestiges of the bibliographies. 
  4. Turn on show field codes to be sure the endnote fields are all gone (Alt- F9) and check that there aren’t multiple brackets for each reference (although if there are no spaces between the curly brackets which you could do a search and replace to ensure, duplicates citations should be resolved after reformating). 
  5. Turn off show field codes again (Alt-F9).  
  6. Select all and do a ctrl+shift+F9 or ctrl+6 to remove any field codes, if you don’t have any other word generated fields. If you do have other fields in your document (table of contents etc) you should use the remove the field codes via the “convert citations” option to plain text from the endnote toolbar (this is the “remove” option you avoided above at the start). 
  7. Now Format bibliography (turning CWYW back on again from the third tab in that menu interface, while you are at it). 

Now try inserting a new reference and see if the behavior has been fixed.