repeated citations within the text

Hello everybody,

I am using endnote X6 on a Mac with Office 2012 and I have problems regarding citations in my text file. Everytime that I am updating Citations and Bibliography Endnote repeats the citations within my text file. I don’t have this problem in the reference list at the end of my thesis. I tried to convert to unformatted citations and update again but it did not work. Yesterday I did not see any citation in my text, I solved the problem by changing the output style. This does not work for my problem now. Is there anybody who understands my problem and can please help me?

Thank you so much in advance!!! Kind regards,

Couple threads you might read>But see here and here and the more detailed FAQon how to clean up field codes. .


I think I am having the same problem as Sonnenbloom but the links provided did not help.
I am using X5 and each time I insert a new citation, each of the existing citations on the document are duplicated but the bibliography is not. How can I stop the duplication please?



You are saying unformatting to temp citations, cleaning up the fields and reformating didn’t help?  Then call tech support.