Refs dragged into Word document end up in wrong place

My group’s editorial assistant, who is our chief user of EndNote (X7, in Windows 10, with Word 2016), has a recurring problem: When she drags a reference from the EndNote library into a document, the reference citation ends up at the beginning of the paragraph instead of the place to which she dragged it. She says she has to close the document and restart Word to make this stop. 

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

If she uses endnote’s “insert citation” icon (which used to look like an arrow but now looks like quotes, on the endnote tool bar, it should switch back to the word document and drop it where her cursor started.  Does this too misplace the citation?  

She tried that this morning, and it did not misplace the citation. I have asked her to try it the next time the dragging problem comes up.