Registering Endnote X6 (Mac)


Please would someone help me to register a copy of Endnote X6 (Mac) on the Thompson Reuters website to get acces to EndnoteWeb? I have upgraded from Endnote X3 to X6, but never had the option to register the new product. X3 is currently registered on the website.

I couldn’t see a tab in X6 leading to a registration option. The TR website still lists my using X3 (about to expire!).

Thank you for your help.


To update EndNote Web provided by X6, open EndNote X6 on your Mac. Go to the “EndNote X6” menu and choose “Preferences” Here, hit the “Enable Sync” button to activate your EndNote Web.



Colin Gillies
Technical Sup Rep RS

Thomson Reuters

Thank you Colin, That is very helpful.

Can I trouble you with two further questions?

  1. Using cite-while-u-write, I am getting the abstract in addition to the author name and date inserted in the text in Word.

Is this because I have exported (from Scopus) as ‘complete format’ rather than ‘citations only’?

Can this be altered / corrected from within Endnote without re-importing all references?

  1. How do you delete highlights from a document after highlighting text with the Endnote highlight option for PDF’s?

Thank you very much again.


I am not Colin, but for your question number one, I suspect you have not adjusted the  Output style for the manuscript in question from the “annotated” one that often ends up as the default in a new installation.  You need to change to a style that reflects the requirements of the publication you intend to submit to.  It has nothing to do which where or how you imported the information. 

What kind of style output are you looking for?  There is probably  a specfic style that matches your journal or publisher already available. 

You may want to watch some of the Youtube videos available from the training site to get a handle on some of the endnote features. (around 4:20 it starts on the Word aspects, and how to change a style around 5 min). 

I don’t know the answer to the second question, as I don’t use that feature. 

Hi John,

To delete a single annotation, right click on it and select Delete Annotation.

I am not sure if it is possible to remove all annotations at once. You can hide them though by right click on the previewed PDF > Hide Notes/Markup.