Relative linked PDFs are URLs after updating and not working anymore

I had to update the database, now all relative linked PDFs do not work anymore, even so the folder with all the saved PDFs still exists.

The attached file is no PDF more and the error is “This URL does not work”.

Does anyone know how I can connect the folder with the PDFs to my database again, so that I do not have to attach every PDF by its own again?

Thank you!

It may be that Tech support has some script that they have or could develop to solve some of these PDF naming issues, particularly if they happen during an upgrade of versions? (I am not quite sure what you mean by “update” here. With proprietary knowledge of the database structure, it should be possible to create one?  I would ask them directly, not wait for a response here.  But if they do solve the problem, please let others on the forum know!  Thanks,

I had to recover the library after an error.

I asked the Tech support now and let the forum know if they can help me.