remove duplicates / how will this effect my word-manuscript using that duplicate?

Dear all

The question might have been asked before, but I was unable to find it.

I might want to clean up my endnote library; making folders etcetera. I will probably start with removing the duplicates. However, I am finishing my phd and I do have to edit some of my manuscripts to become chapters in my book. I’d rather not want references in word to be deleted when I change output style or so. What will happen?

For example I have Griswold 2010 placed in two endnote folders, the same reference has #345 and #501 (i.e.). What if I merge them / remove duplicates so that only #345 stays in my library, but in a certain manuscript I used #501

Thank you


It is likely that endnote will pause on the inserted citation, bring up the best matches including the correct duplicate, and you will confirm the right one, and move on.  

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